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European Destinations of ExceleNceThe Soca valley is awarded with the “European Destination of Excellence". Only a few places in Europe have this title. The area is known for relaxing and active vacations, energy ( healing waters, natural bathing areas, wellness), remains of the first World War, several cultural, historical and archeological trails, museums and the cultural towns Kobarid (with excellent gastronomic restaurants), Tolmin and Most na Soci. Read on and see the links.

Beaches and swimming: The Soca-river with access to it’s beaches is just near Kamno; the Nadiza river, which its much warmer water then the Soca, is near Kobarid. Here you have specially prepared beaches where also smaller children can play and swim safe. The Nadiza has a lot of stunning beaches and places where you can find privacy and enjoy; the water is crystal-clear and absolutely clean. You will be amazed!

Fly fishing: Maharac is located in the "land of the living water" where several rivers converge in the Soča river which finally flows into the Adriatic Sea. At the bridge in Kamno is a popular spot for fly fishermen. Besides the many gorges and waterfalls, the presence of these rivers makes the Soca Valley one of the best areas for fly fishing in Europe. Did you know that 10 rivers are fishable with a total of 138 km fishing waters? That the largest trout in Europe is available to catch? Recently, a 120 cm trout was caught here.

Paragliding: The East-West position of the valley combined with the warmer air from the Adriatic Sea makes it a very popular area for paragliding. It is ranked as the top 5 paragliding area’s in Europe. Many national championships are held here.
http://www.drustvo-adrenalin.si/, http://www.paragliding-tolmin.com/

Kayaking, rafting, canyoning: The Soca River attracts many outdoor enthusiasts who come for rafting and kayaking. The European championships for kayaking have taken place here. Maharac gets each year several groups in spring and autumn for an outdoor-active week. These activities are always well organized by X-point in Kobarid.

Hiking: The Triglav National Park is 85,000 acres, it begins behind Kamno and with its many peaks above 2000 meters, is a wonderful area for walking, hiking, climbing and multi-day treks using mountain huts

Motor tours: Each year more and more motorcyclists are coming to Maharac because this area is perfect for day-tours; even off-roading is possible. As enthusiastic motorcycle traveller riders we ofter guided tours.

Mountain biking: There are great mountain bike tracks here and the area has earned a reputation among enthusiasts. Mountain biker Immich Peter has written a book about the best routes. Also in the spring and autumn more and more mountain bikers are visiting the Soca Valley as the weather is more favourable.

Restaurants: Kobarid is famous as it has the "gastronomic circle”. A few restaurants year after year compete for the title of " Best Restaurant in Slovenia ". This status has long been given only to restaurants in Kobarid. Especially Hisa Franko in Staro Selo near Kobarid which attracts gastronomic lovers.

History: The Soca Valley has been inhabited for 6000 years; a lot of archeological remains have been found from that period. All neighbouring countries wanted it; it belonged in the past to Venice, the Austian-Hungarian Empire, Italy, Germany, Yugoslavia and now it can develop itself. Especially the Soca Front (Isonzo front, Karfreit, Caporetto) during the First World War where one of the largest fights was fought, and there are still many remains of the terrible battles that took place here. The later Marshal Erwin Rommel, as a young officer, fought here. There are trails you can follow and several museums to visit. The Great War Museum in Kobarid was named "European Museum of the Year 1993". You have to visit it.

Daytrips: There are numerous interesting day-trips possible in the neighbourhood. You can visit the caves of Postojna, the Idrija mining museum, the partisan hospital Franja, the cultural and historical path through Most na Soci, The Path of Peace, the Mengore church near Most na Soci, the Kobarid Historical Trail, the area around Cepovan and Sentviska Gora, the wine area at Goriska Brda, a trip with the ski-lift in summer to Kanin near Bovec (2200 m high), the Trenta valley at Bovec, the Vrsic-pass with it’s 50 hair-pin bends, the Mangart Saddle by car is more then 2000 meters high, Bohinj, Bled, the beaches at Sistiana in Italy (70 km), Ljubljana, Triest, Venice ( 170 km) and much and much more. Bohinj by (car) train: You can take the car train from Most na Soci to Bohinj (about half an hour). This train route is an example of the natural beauty which Europe has to offer. The train winds through one of the most beautiful mountain regions of Europe, along the Baca river, through small tunnels, over small bridges and ultimately through a 6 km long tunnel. Every summer there is a regular old steam train which takes this route. Once at Bohinj, there is the beautiful swimming pool walking distance from the train station

Skiing: In winter you can find great skiing on Kanin in Bovec (23 km) which is connected to the ski resort Sella Nevea in Italy; also Cerkno (45 km) and (car train in 30 minutes) the ski resort Vogel in Bohinj. There are also several smaller ski resorts, less than one hour away.
http://www.boveckanin.si/index.php?lang=en, http://www.ski-cerkno.com/?lang=4

Gambling: Nova Gorica, the casino city of Slovenia, is less than 40 km away and there is also a large casino on the outskirts of Kobarid.