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The town Tolmin which gave the name to the entire region, is the largest settlement in Zgornje Posočje (Upper Soča Valley) as well as the economic, cultural and administrative centre of the valley. Its streets and houses bask in sunlight on a terrace above the confluence of Soča and Tolminka rivers. It is positioned at the right distance from the steep mountainous valleys, so that inhabitants may enjoy mild winters, and from the sea and Gorica plateau, so that they may take pleasure in enjoyable summers. This section includes the area of valleys and mountain villages above Tolminka and Zadlaščica, and continues through the hinterland of Volče and Čiginj all the way to the state border on Kolovrat.

Slovenia in Europe, map by LTO Sotočje
Tolmin in Slovenia, map by LTO Sotočje

How to get there

By car
You can get to the Tolmin area from the Štajerska region through Ljubljana, Idrija and Most na Soči, through the Gorenjska region over the Vršič Pass and through Bovec or through Škofja Loka via Sorica or Kladje. From the Primorska area there is access through Nova Gorica. (from Italy one can cross the border at Vrtojba). 

The train goes from Ljubljana through Jesenice and along the narrow Baška Grapa to Most na Soči. From there it is another 5km to Tolmin. There is also a car-train Bohinjska Bistrica - Podbrdo - Most na Soči. 

By plane
Nowadays the low budget airlines and cheap car rental makes distance much shorter and cheaper. Flights from 30 euro VV including taxes is not an exception! Car Rental at the airport starts from about 20 euros per day

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